Other Services

In addition to energy audits, insulation upgrades, and radon testing; we also handle other air flow and efficiency issues within the home.

Bathroom Fan Installation

We can evaluate your existing bathroom and kitchen hood fans to check for any underperforming installations.  These types of fans are important to your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and air quality.  They pull moisture from the air and vent it to the outside.  This helps to prevent mold & mildew from growing and also helps to keep walls and insulation from absorbing moisture and becoming less effective energy loss barriers.

We can replace any underperforming fans.

Clothes Dryer Venting

You may be surprised to find out how much energy can be saved by having a proper venting system on your clothes dryer.  A dryer venting upgrade will ensure that there is a smooth air flow, pulling moisture outside the home, with faster drying times, and more efficient energy use.

Let Air Sealing & Insulation Specialists take care of your air quality and comfort issues.

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