We are Air Sealing & Insulation Specialists! Homeowners who have had an energy performance upgrade with us have seen savings of up to 30% in their energy costs. When you apply those savings over the length of time you own your home, the cost savings become quite substantial. This is not only good for your bank account, home comfort, air quality, and peace of mind, but it is also good for the environment.

After an energy audit is completed, our BPI certified crews will perform the necessary upgrades to address the specific deficiencies in your home or business.

What we do is more than just putting down layers of fiberglass insulation. We will carry out a complete air sealing package. In attics we will pull back any existing insulation in order to reach those overlooked areas of energy loss that are bleeding the energy from the home. We seal those critical areas to ensure the integrity of the thermal boundary.

The attic insulation that we use is Cellulose Insulation, which is a blown in treated recycled newspaper product that we have found provides a much better R value than fiberglass and is a more environmentally friendly product.

We also employ a method of dense packing of walls. This process utilizes a mesh fabric facing attached to the wall studs which acts as a netting to hold in place a blown-in insulation. No batting allows the insulation to completely fill the void between the walls generating a much high insulation R value. In many older homes we have found instances where there is no wall insulation at all. This product is particularly effective in preventing energy losses in these cases.

We will also use a spray foaming insulation in areas where other methods will not achieve the desired results.

Depending on the particular situation, the trained and experience crew of Air Sealing & Insulation Specialists, Inc. will utilize the best products available to achieve a sealed and efficient home.

After the completion of the air sealing and insulation upgrades, a final blower door test will be conducted in order to ensure the effectiveness of the work so that energy savings will be realized.

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