Energy Audit

An Energy Audit is a process of evaluating the thermal envelope of a building and determining if there are areas of substandard energy loss or infiltration. We apply air science principles using the blower door test. A negative pressure is established within the home by exhausting the air and creating almost a vacuum in the house. While maintaining the negative pressure, sensing instruments such as thermal infrared cameras are used to diagnose the building room by room.

Particular attention will be paid to the elements that break the thermal boundary of a home, including: windows, doors, insulation gaps between floor joists, through-wall fixtures, attic hatches, vents and ductwork, pipe runs, fireplaces, soffits, recessed lighting, and other such fixtures.

There are several videos on-line on YouTube that describe the blower door test.

The field test that we use can generally be performed in 3-4 hours depending on the size and complexity of the building. The more square footage, the greater the air volume there is in the home, the more complex the test is.

A detailed audit report will be created, identifying areas of improvement and describing the appropriate actions that should be taken to address any deficiencies.

As part of our inspection, we will also perform combustion safety testing, checking for leaks in gas lines, and checking for drafts on the water heater and furnace, making sure there is no backdraft. We will also perform a carbon-monoxide test around combustion appliances.

Our audits will be performed in accordance with the Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) standards.

Let the certified technicians from Air Sealing & Insulation Specialists, Inc. evaluate your home so you are aware of the deficient areas that can be improved on in order to reduce the costs associated with energy loss.

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